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From The Daily Show on 6/25/14 - the whole segment is worth watching, and is unfortunately very accurate.

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That steak analogy is my favorite,

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My lovely friends and I did a thing.

I also really want my idol, lacigreen to see this. 

THIS IS AMAZING AND SO ON POINT!!!  i’m so proud of u bb!!!  ❤❤




I get so fucking annoyed with people who say that women who don’t want to talk to strange men are “overreacting” and that “you shouldn’t assume everyone is going to hit on you”

Every woman I know has some kind of weird-ass story of a dude who just wouldn’t fuck off and freaked…

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it to anyone who listens… a guy who wants to be a “white knight / knight in shining armor / nice guy” for the purposes of impressing women ISN’T A NICE GUY.  Are they as bad as those who actively propagate rape culture?  Probably not, but they sure as hell don’t help the situation - they’ve basically opened up a whole new category of “predator of women” in the form of the “nice guy” who can be disarming without being overtly violent, who then later perpetuates the cycle of rape culture by turning into a rapist himself, or by venting online about how “nice guys finish last” which in turn makes some guys go “no point being nice - girls want naughty and force, not nice and talking”.

I *do* suffer from “White Knight Syndrome”, but I don’t do it to impress anybody, and I don’t do it only for female friends of mine - men, women, children, it doesn’t fucking matter - if you’re being a “nice guy”, you “finish” wherever the fuck you finish - it’s not a race!  In fact, if you’re a “nice guy”, you *want* to finish last, because that means the people you’re being nice to don’t.  Any guy who tries to use the “pity me I’m a lonely nice guy” shtick ISN’T A FUCKING NICE GUY.

I am sick and tired of this rape culture we have today - I have friends, both men and women, who have been raped or otherwise sexually assaulted, and it makes my stomach drop a bit even thinking about that…and is one of only two things in this life that makes me think about violence against those responsible for doing it, regardless of what anyone thinks about me.

Unfortunately, women today have *every* right to be wary of men - even of me (I’m 6’7 and not skinny, I don’t blame anyone for wanting to cross the street rather than brush past me)…I just hope some day we can beat some sense and empathy into those who even think about doing this sort of thing to someone else.

I wish that this kind of message got circulated to guys more, since they’re the ones that need to hear it, not the women who are victimized and then blamed for things that they didn’t do, and in a better world shouldn’t be expected to have to live in fear of.

^ This

Still very relevant today.

"Nobody goes to a con and drops the dude dressed as Boba Fett in a pit because his costume meant he was “asking for it,” so why is it cool to grope the chick in the Scarlet Witch costume?"

I’m very happy he did this (sad that it had to be done, but *sigh* yea).

Here’s hoping everyone took it to heart and wasn’t just cheering for him being pissed off.